Posted by: godandchocolate | January 20, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!

This blog is based on the principle that God and chocolate is better than just God–that God and His creation makes for a deliciously beautiful life. So, where’s the chocolate? So far you might be getting the sense that I really think that God and chocolate is better than just chocolate.

Have no fear!

On the “chocolate” (FOOD!) side of things, I have plenty of good things in store. Another category here on G+C will include “Rachel’s Recipes”. I’m no chef or culinary expert, but I have tested (and perfected!) a recipe or two in my short homemaking career. I like to share home-cooked and home-baked goodness with family and friends. Periodically I will share some of my favorites–family recipes, things I’ve somehow devised myself, and (perhaps more often than anything else) my renditions of others’ delicious inventions. Check out my “Chocolate” links for my online inspirations!

It might take a little while to get to the chocolate, actually (how lame is that? I know…), but here’s what I have in the works in the realm of “chocolate”:

  • Experiments with other bloggers’ recipes: Starting off with the Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Salad and Pastor Ryan’s Pasta Bolognese Sauce.
  • Moist and delicious individual chocolate “lava” cakes–super easy!
  • My own take on classic beef chili: Man-tested, husband-approved. And there’s even a bit of chocolate in it!

What I am most excited about sharing are my ongoing experiments with home-baked bread. There is nothing–really, nothing!–on this earth so saliva-inducing as the aroma of baking bread. I mean, who doesn’t start drooling upon pulling into the parking lot of St. Louis Bread Co. [Panera]? That’s just me? Well then.

BREAD. Most people just assume that since it involves yeast and complicated things like rising and (typically) kneading, it’s impossible to master. But it’s not. I promise. I have a secret to share–bread is easy. And deliciously rewarding. Your tummy and periodic carb cravings (wait, that’s just me again?) will thank you…if you stick around to learn with me as I master making bread at home!

I baked this. It came out of my kitchen. It can come out of yours, too. I promise!


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