Posted by: godandchocolate | November 8, 2012

Just blog.

I have no idea if anyone subscribes or otherwise follows this blog. Perhaps the world doesn’t need this update. I’m just letting the world know that I’ve decided to blog again.

Again? Eh, I never was very consistent with it. But I’ve decided that I need some more tangible record of thoughts, feelings, reactions, LIFE than facebook posts and status updates.

Back in the day I was more concerned with having a focused blog theme and structure. I didn’t want to be one of those mommy bloggers or personal diarists. But oh well, I’m a mommy and I want to blog. Guess that makes me a mommy blogger.

So because of who I am, themes and topics here may include (but are not limited to):

  • pertaining to God: Catholic news & views, theology, and reflections (if I’m holy, which I’m not really, or at least not holy enough to share)
  • pertaining to chocolate: recipes, links, crunchy/foodie news. I try to be “healthy” but your opinion of “healthy” and mine probably differ. I’ll try to explain as we go, OK?
  • everything else: obligatory life as a mom posts, crunchy stuff, opinionated opinions, attempts at being creative, 7 Quick Takes & {pretty, happy, funny, real}

I think that’s about it. I plan on linking up Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest, and updating the blogroll and about me. Bear with!


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