About Me

I’m Rachel. That’s me with my husband on our wedding day in 2008, drooling over our chocolate on chocolate on chocolate cake.

A few things about me, the somewhat-faithful author of this blog:

  • By the grace of God I am happily, enthusiastically, and unabashedly an orthodox Catholic. I love studying theology and am especially interested in the intersection of faith and politics–but I don’t plan to discuss that very much here. Check out the blog I co-author with my husband (he does more of the writing than I do!): Bonum Te Esse.
  • I am in my early 20s–I married ‘young,’ by most people’s standards, but can’t imagine my life any other way.
  • I am currently a housewife, but I’m seeking employment outside the home. And no, I have no qualms about calling myself a housewife. It’s the most fulfilling state of life I’ve experienced in my 23 years.
  • I love cooking and baking. My KitchenAid stand mixer completes my life. I would love to go to culinary school, though I’m not sure the financial investment would be wise. My husband and I joke about opening a restaurant some day…though I’m not sure how wise a financial investment that would be, either.
  • Because of our family histories of diabetes and heart disease, as well as some other hormone-related health problems, I’m really trying to make some positive nutritional changes to our diets to nip things in the bud. Currently I am most interested in diets involving “whole” or “real foods,” that are what the pros call “nutrient-dense” and free of yucky added hormones or pesticides. We’re taking baby steps towards that type of diet, and mostly are cutting out processed foods at this point while learning more.
  • I am passionate about vocation, chastity, the theology of the body, and natural family planning (NFP). One day I would love to be an NFP teacher and to help women find harmony with their bodies as God designed them, and healing in those cases where it is needed.

That’s about it, for now…I might share more, some day. We’ll see how this blog takes shape.



  1. I love God, Chocolate, Cooking and especially Baking, NFP and being Married too! Love your Blog. I’m working on the natural foods thing too! http://www.SimplyRecipies.com has some great Recipies using REAL ingrediants (no processed stuff).

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