What are you talking about?


Chocolate wedding cake? Yep. Told ya I was a chocoholic.

Chocolate wedding cake? Yep. Told ya I was a chocoholic.

I’m a chocoholic; always have been, always will be. My husband has known since the first days of our relationship that the way to my heart is through a tasty chocolate treat. I’ve pontificated that dessert isn’t really dessert if chocolate isn’t somehow involved. I stash cocoa, chocolate syrup, and stockpiles of chocolate chips in my pantry and fridge as if I will need to survive nuclear winter (or at least a chocolate shortage). After sacrament and self-gift, the major ‘theme’ of our wedding day was chocolate: my bridesmaids wore chocolate-colored dresses, while the groomsmen were clad in matching chocolate vests; we feasted on a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting; my little brother stationed himself alongside the chocolate fountain; and everything else somehow involved the colors brown and blue.

So it’s not surprising that at some point during my adolescent life, I came across this simple quote attributed to St. Teresa of Avila:

“God and chocolate is better than just God.”

Though I can’t locate the back-story now, I’m fairly certain that it was something the jovial nun was said to have told her sisters. There are some created things that are good and are meant to be enjoyed (in moderation, of course!), and chocolate is certainly one of them.

This all brings us to the purpose of this blog.

Recently I was talking to a newlywed friend of mine about how one of the most surprising things about marriage, and more particularly about being a wife, is that we find great joy in the simplest and often most menial of tasks. Cooking, baking, making a cozy home, doing the laundry, keeping that carved-out space in the world that I share with my husband in order–all of these chores somehow, surprisingly, fulfill us. Motherhood takes menial labor to a whole new level of meaning with the introduction of bodily fluid management (oh, and the shaping of little people’s souls, of course), and offers opportunities for grace and joy even amid the stress.

This blog is dedicated to reflecting on these surprises, and to sharing parts of my life along the way.

I hope you stay tuned.



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  2. I see that you’re now following me on Twitter! (NFPworks). How wonderful. I really like the premise of your blog. I’m a sucker for God, chocolate and St. Teresa. Sold. Keep it up!

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